This year Wikimedia will be at TINA, Newcastle, on October 3, the long
Labour Day weekend.  Creative Commons Australia participated in TINA
back in 2008.

Our TINA event will be a day-long live editing session open to the
public.  The objective is to showcase Wikipedia and provide hands on
assistance to anyone who wants to contribute their photos or
knowledge, or just learn about Wikis in general.  Any Wikipedians who
can come along and help Joe Random will be greatly appreciated, even
if you can only help out for a few hours.

Prior to the session at TINA, we are organising a hike along the Great
North Road between Sydney and Newcastle.  We'll take photos along the
way and use them to create new Wikimedia content during the session at

I put the following up as the blurb for the TINA session.  Feel free to edit.

Workshop: The Art of Wikis

The Art of Wikis is an interactive visual workshop about Wikis.  In
this all day workshop, Wikipedia activity will be streamed onto the
screen and workshop participants will join in the creation and editing
processes.  Wikipedia editors will provide insiders knowledge of the
Wikimedia community, the mechanics of crowd sourcing and Creative
Commons licensing.

Bring along your photographs and stories to participate in a
masterclass of creation and editing of Wikipedia content.

John Vandenberg

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