The public meeting will start in roughly half an hour, and usually
lasts two hours.  Come and go as you please.  There is no set agenda
so you are welcome to start a discussion about anything WMAu related.

Here are some notices and items that we can discuss


* Thank you to nominators and nominees who accepted, and everyone who
attended an AGM venue
* Following up from wmau:Meeting:Committee_(2011-10-16)#Meeting_times,
the meeting times will remain the same this year
* Wikimedia Bangladesh and Wikimedia Venezuela have been established.


* small grants & membership
  should small grants be available to non-members?
    The committee has one pending application from a non-member
  should the membership cost be reduces?
  should the membership period be changed from January-January?

* Micronesia outreach for early 2012
* Recent Changes Camp 2012
* 2012 Languages conference

John Vandenberg

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