Dear all,
In case you were unaware, there's been a lot of debate recently about two
bills being proposed in the US that are called SOPA and PIPA and how these
will, if enacted, greatly harm the free internet as we know it. The en.WP
article about this bill, if you want background info, is here:

In case you hadn't heard this elsewhere, there is now consensus for the
unprecedented action tomorrow for a one-day shutdown/blackout of the
English Wikipedia starting tomorrow - at 0500 UTC as far as I can tell
(which is the afternoon in Australia). You can read the just-released press
announcement from the WMF here:
and also a more descriptive blogpost here:

Undoubtedly, this WILL be a big news story and we will all be asked by our
friends/relatives what's going on, so I recommend you have a look at those
links so you can answer any questions you get tomorrow. Also, if you're
friendly with any journalists, it's probably a good idea to send them the
links to the above press release and blog too (or just forward this email).

For more details on how the consensus was reached and technicalities and
on-wiki repercussions, see here:


Peace, love & metadata
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