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> Hear hear. Sounds like a great idea. How about an impromptu IRC meeting to
> celebrate Australia Day as well?

Sounds good.  It would be good to try to collaborate on a Wikinews
piece about the various events.

The recipients will be announced at a ceremony in Canberra from 6:00pm
until 7:00pm.  If we can get a list of winners, we can collaborate on
determining notability and improving the articles.

There will be a concert from 7:45pm - 10:00pm.

Both events will be held on the lawns of Federation Mall in front of
Parliament House, Canberra.

Can anyone with a camera make it to either event?

The media accreditation packs are here:


Contact info at:


The PDF says that press applications needed to be submitted by Jan 20. ;-(

John Vandenberg

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