Hi all,
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I'd just like to send a quick message to you all to tell you what I'm up
to, now that my "GLAM Fellowship" with the WMF is over. I would not
normally feel the need to interrupt everyone by detailing what my
employment is, but it is quite relevant to Wikimedia & GLAM so I think I
should explain briefly. I apologise in advance for the self-focused post!
If you're interested in more details, or can help by giving me
tips/contacts, please reply offlist.

>From last week, I have taken a part time role with the Australian Research
Council funded "Centre for Creative Industries and Innovation"
http://cci.edu.au/ which is also the office of Creative Commons Australia
(and sponsored the first ever GLAM-WIKI conference in 2009). My role will
be to assist Australian cultural organisations to get more of their
archives online using Creative Commons (especially under cc-0 and cc-by).
[By definition I will therefore NOT be focusing on getting access to
already Public Domain content, but this might happen as a flow-on effect in
some cases]. This is not an "advocacy" role but a practical "hand holding"
role. Not all of this work will be relevant to Wikimedia projects, but
hopefully I'll be able to report frequently in "This Month in GLAM" on new
content available for Wikimedians to use. I have several leads and contacts
already, but if you know any Australian cultural organisations that are
interested in using CC, please consider passing their details to me offlist
so I can help facilitate.

Relatedly, also last week, I have accepted the six-month role of "2012
Directors Fellowship" at the National Museum of Australia. They have asked
me to develop a comprehensive "Wikimedia strategy" for the organisation
which includes staff training, executive briefing, situation report (e.g.
what other museums are doing, and how their content is already being used)
and a three year plan. Once this project is finished and the situation
report & plan is formally accepted I will also put it on Commons in case
others find it useful. Unsurprisingly, I will probably be recommending they
run "backstage pass tours" and "editathon" events - so look out for that
too :-)

-Liam / wittylama
p.s. I'm also doing a Masters in IP law this year - because the world needs
more Copyright lawyers! :-P

Peace, love & metadata
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