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> The current squad on the team page needs to be updated.  It says "*Correct
> as of 20 April 2007." o_O*
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australia_women%27s_national_water_polo_team#Current_squad
> It would be good to include a column for the year each player joined the
> team.
I haven't touched the national team article itself, so if the commentary is
about that, it explains to me why I am confused.  It does need updating,
but just has not been on my list. :(  I just wanted to get profile pictures
of every member of the existing team that may compete at the 2012 Olympic
Games and articles about each player.  These were then nominated for DYK
because the pictures are fantastic, the articles were expanded/newly
created, and it is great to see Australian women mention on Wikipedia's
front page. (If anyone wants to review them,
a couple unreviewed.)

Been working on my dissertation and haven't had the time to improve that.

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