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Thought I would keep the committee and members updated on my large camera grant.

Last year I purchased a Canon EOS 60D with the twin lens kit, since then I have uploaded 1,444 photos have been uploaded but still more yet to be uploaded. Over the Easter break I headed to Leeton, were I took over 60GB (3,000) of photographs but only 577 made the cut. Last week I got just over 700 photographs in Junee, which I've yet to look at and upload (some of them). I also have a Canberra, Wagga Wagga (including the floods), Temora's airshow and the Hume Highway from the Barton Highway to the Sturt Highway, so a few more thousand photos I've yet to look at but not all of them will make the final cut.

Video has been one thing I've wanted to upload but the file limit of 100 MB and the fact that the video is only played at one bit rate (unlike YouTube which has a few to select) and trying to make the video useable but also under 100MB isn't possible.

Category which has all the photographs taken from the new camera.
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