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The Wikimedians to the Games competition is now moving from stage 1
into stage 2. We apologise for the delay. The competition panel has
been reviewing the contributions of the Wikimedians contributing
content about the Paralympic Movement in Australia, and working with
the community members to register them for press passes.

The competition eligibility criteria require a Wikipedia Good Article
and a Wikinews story about Paralympics in Australia. Unfortunately the
only contributor to have met these criteria is Toby Hudson (99of9).
Thank you Toby for your excellent contributions. We also extend thanks
to the other community members who have worked in the target topical
area of Wikipedia during stage 1 of the competition, including the
HOPAU project members and other community members who haven’t
registered to be in the competition. Your efforts have made a vast
improvement to the coverage of the Paralympics on Wikipedia and
Wikinews, in a short period of time.

Over the last few months we have been discussing various options to
keep the competition alive, and ensure that we send two suitable
Wikimedia contributors to the Games. During the transition from stage
1 and 2 we have been in touch with Toby and the other people who have
contributed relevant content to Wikimedia projects to ensure they are
interested in participating in stage 2.

Our decision is that all of the registered participants who have
contributed relevant content to Wikipedia will continue through to
stage two provided that they submitted their details for press
accreditation by Tuesday 24 April 2012, and indicated whether or not
their real name may be published if they win.

The following participants continue through to stage two:

    Toby Hudson (user:99of9)
    Melissa Carlton (user:Melissa Carlton)

The participants who continue into stage 2 will still be required to
meet the eligibility criteria to win the competition, and HOPAU
project members who meet the content criteria will fill any vacancies
should two competition participants not meet these criteria. To
minimise the possibility of sending HOPAU project members, several
changes will be made to the rules of stage two of the competition to
make winning easier!

The requirement to publish a Wikinews story will remain in place,
however the Wikinews story can be about any topic. Wikinews stories
about Paralympic sports will receive four points, double the prior
allocation. Wikinews stories about any other topic will receive two

We are also adding the following two ways to earn points in stage two:

    one point for identifying a notable person in photographs provided
to Wikimedia Commons by the Australian Paralympic Committee. and
    two points for touching up photos that are subsequently approved
as Featured Pictures, Valued Images or quality Images on Wikimedia

Previously one point was allocated to “getting a picture or sound
listed as featured on Wikimedia Commons or Wikipedia”. This is being
revised to include getting an image on the Wikimedia Commons listed as
a Valued Image and Quality Image.

With the above changes it is possible for a participant to obtain many
points per media file. Therefore we are introducing a limit of five
points per media file.

Finally, in the event that two eligible participants from the
community do not meet the competition eligibility criteria, or cannot
travel to the Paralympics, the arbitration panel for the competition
will fill the vacancies with Wikimedia community members who have been
involved in the HOPAU project, yet have not registered and/or are
excluded from the competition due to the ineligibility criteria in the
rules. This will only occur if two of the above W2G competition
participants are not willing and able to travel to the 2012 Paralympic
Games in London. The following people have been registered for press
passes to fill any vacancies:

    Greg Blood (user:Aussiesportlibrarian)
    Laura Hale (user:LauraHale)
    Graham Pearce (user:Graham87), and carer

The arbitration panel for the Wikimedians to the Games competition
consists of Tony Naar (APC) and John Vandenberg (WMAU).

Good luck to the participants continuing onto stage 2.
Also thanks to the APC staff and volunteers who have helped in various
ways with this competition thus far.
John Vandenberg

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