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Date: Tue, Oct 2, 2012 at 10:16 AM
Subject: [ands-general] OKFN Au - Information and Roadmap
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As announced at last week's OKFest in Helsinki the official chapter of the
OKF in Australia has been announced.  This builds on the significant
efforts of the GovHack, GovCamp & GovJam events to create a wider
'upside-down umbrella community support network' for those dedicated to
cause of OpenKnowledge (this of course includes the OpenData efforts as

Please do consider joining one of the many OKF listservs, such as Data
Journalism, Open Bibliography, Open Shakespeare or one of the many
other volunteer efforts.

And don't forget to join the local OKF AU chapter listserv as described
below!  /dff

   OKFN Au – Information & Roadmap

Welcome to the Australian chapter of the Open Knowledge Foundation Network
– OKFN Au.

OKFN Au is a community initiative to create a bridge between the many and
varied open knowledge communities in Australia, including
data journalists, scientists, Gov 2.0 and open data peeps, knowledge and
change management enthusiasts and civil society. Please browse the site,
check out the list of open knowledge
communities<http://au.okfn.org/communities>in Australia, send us
details about your group to add to the network on the
community mailing list at http://lists.okfn.org/pipermail/okfn-au/*​*,
check out the community calendar and get involved [image: :)]

OKFN <http://okfn.org/> is a global community network, established
originally in the UK. It brings together people interested and active in
opening up and using data to create and share knowledge.

The Open Knowledge Foundation is dedicated to promoting the creation,
sharing and application of Open Knowledge in the Digital Age.

The goal of an Australian chapter could be to support, promote and bring
together the active and diverse open knowledge communities in Australia. We
have some well established tech communities, research groups, open
government communities, emerging data journo communities and loads more
that could all benefit through being connected to each other, even if just
peripherally. It makes it easier to understand the breadth and skills of
our community which, in turn, makes it easier to connect with each other
and collaborate on common goals or projects.

Best of all OKFN Au will make it easier for newcomers to this space to
identify a group or groups in our community that they can join and
contribute to, both nationally and internationally.

It is very early days and generally speaking, most people will work and
play within their groups and continue life as usual, but OKFN Au could be
thought of like an upside down umbrella to support the broader community.
Through some initial discussions, we’ve come up with some potential
functions of OKFN Au and would love your feedback about what would (or
wouldn’t) be useful for you and your community:

   - promotion of community groups and events – listing of the various
   groups, aggregated calendar
   - some flagship events for cross community goodness – an annual Aus
   OKFestival including GovCamp, GovUX, GovHack and other community events
   including themes around science, data journalism, digital humanities & open
   - knowledge sharing – through a group blog and global and local mailing
   lists, encouraging cross posting of content from the communities. A monthly
   online OKFN Au online chat could be useful for identifying upcoming events,
   opportunities to work together, promoting good work throughout the
   community, and for anyone throughout the extended community to get involved
   in OKFN Au itself
   - community collaboration – through mailing lists, wikis and other
   tools, facilitating groups to reach out to each other to tap into a broad
   range of skills for awesome community projects
   - possible resources and services to support community activities –
   insurances, small grants for pizza and beer, web tools, legal, etc
   - anything else the community needs to be awesome.

Some of these ideas would require the set up of an organisation, some could
be achieved through a casual network of volunteers. We would like to grow
this idea organically over the coming 12 months in response to the needs of
the community so do get involved and let us know what you think on the OKFN
Au mailing list <http://lists.okfn.org/mailman/listinfo/okfn-au>!

Pia and the OKFN Au Working Group <http://au.okfn.org/working-group>

*Please note that OKFN Au is not envisioned to be a lobbying organisation,
but rather a group focused on open knowledge community development and
growth in Australia.*
** **

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