HI Everybody

We've been working hard at getting articles ready for Freopedia, and we'll
back at it at the Fremantle library tonight, next tuesday culminating on
Saturday 1st December with an editathon from 12:30 - 1700. What is
Freopedia its an endeavour of The Fremantle Society and Wikimedia Australia
to initially put QR codes on the 182 locations in the Fremantle area that
are listed in on National and State heritage registers, of those locations
160 are within the main townsite precinct making the Fremantle the best
preserved c1900 port city in Australia. So what can you do to help, since
you live in Tasmania its long drive with a bit of swim to get to Fremantle.
Many of the people who'll attend on the Saturday will be first time editors
and as unable to ccreate article so we stub articles created, we people to
add infoboxes to articles, people to copy edit, add categories and all
those other general fixes, but wait, theres more with all the  buildings
having online register entries and the many resources linked through Trove
you can also write articles. Just add your name to the Freopedia page so we
know your helping out.


   - Freopedia page - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:GLAM/Freopedia,
   remeber to add your name to the participants list
   - List of buildings -
   - Trove - http://trove.nla.gov.au/

Looking forward to seeing people in person or online

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