I say again:

What is the grant request FOR?

So far I've worked out it's a travel grant related to Winter Paralympic
sports. It now appears you're saying it was a request for $12,000.

Am I to assume that this means you're looking for 12 grand of travel and
accomodation expenses, or are there more elements? Where to?

Moreover, are you saying that you've spent $12,000 on the assumption that
the Chapter was going to repay you despite not formal, minuted &
public, vote of the committee? $12k for one project is a large amount so I
think it stands to reason that since even the "small grants" request are
public that this one would  be public if it were approved too.

And, again, why are you copying in the Chapter Members and Australian
mailing lists if none of us know what the subject of the grant request is?


On Tuesday, 4 December 2012, Laura Hale wrote:

> A board member has contacted me to tell me that while the funding proposal
> was there and Craig said we had this funding, the board has actually
> decided not to fund it. They did not bother to even vote on it.
> I was told I had it from a board member  I had it.  I got follow up
> e-mails about this, which I responded to.
> We would not have spent $12,000 on this if we had known the board had not
> indicated we had it.
> And Wikimedia Australia wants funding?
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