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Date: Dec 5, 2012 4:56 AM
Subject: [Wikitech-l] Endorse your preferred candidates to the Outreach
Program for Women
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The deadline for submissions to the Outreach Program for Women was reached
yesterday and we have got 11 candidates:


The selection process and criteria are explained at

Between now and Friday you (yes, you) are encouraged to endorse your
preferred participants in their User Talk pages. Ten minutes of your time
might bring 3 months of paid internship to a brilliant contributor!

This call goes especially for contributors to projects related to the
project proposals presented. This endorsement is also a good opportunity to
offer your support and help. Candidates can also request endorsement from
colleagues in projects where you are currently active. All input data is
useful as long as there is some way to identify who is endorsing.

We will use these endorsements in our evaluation for each candidate. The
most important factor of evaluation will be the confidence of the mentors
on each candidate accomplishing the goals of their proposals. Your backing
is relevant to register interests in a specific proposal and also the help
it might get from other contributors interested in the same area. At the
end the goal of the program is to see tasks accomplished and (even more
important) new members happily involved in the community after the
internship ends.

There is a private meeting with all the mentors this Friday. Make sure your
feedback is posted in their Talk pages by then.

The selected candidates will be announced on December 11, next Tuesday.

PS: Candidates are invited to introduce themselves in this list if they
wish. If you are here it's because you have done already a significant
amount of homework. W hope to see you around and active regardless of the
outcome of the selection! Congratulations and thank you for choosing
Wikimedia as your preferred project to contribute.

Quim Gil
Technical Contributor Coordinator
Wikimedia Foundation

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