Bidgee, Hawkeye7 and I had the opportunity to interview seven members of
the Australian Paralympic Ski team on Sunday. All the interviews have been
submitted for review on Wikinews and three have been published.

be reviewed tomorrow.

We have already had
 We're hoping to get at least one story submitted tonight.
Things have been a bit hectic since getting here so we're not getting as
much done as we would like.  We had a good conversation with a guy from
Disability Sport United States about what we are doing.

We've taken a few profile pictures for articles that haven't had them yet.
Our interviews are all available on Commons.  A number of articles about
this were taken to DYK or GA in advance of the competition.  We're probably
the only major media here.  Having never seen the sport before, I'm
seriously impressed.  I wouldn't want to try those speeds as an able-bodied

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