Hi everyone,

Many of you are probably aware that Wikimedia Australia started to actively
use our social media channels (Facebook and Twitter) in 2012, albeit
without an official launch.

1 January 2013 seems like an appropriate day to make the formal
announcement :)

You can find our pages at:

Please feel free to post to our page or mention us in your tweets if you
have relevant information or news to share - I will share/retweet some of
them - and likewise, I encourage you to share and retweet the chapter's

You may also notice our cover photos are Australian scenes from Wikimedia
Commons - the current one is the Blue Mountains by David Iliff.  I will
rotate these pictures every so often - open to suggestions :)

Please bear in mind that these are public communications methods and as
such content posted there should be appropriate for the public, not
internal chapter matters.

Email, the chapter wiki and postal mail will still be the official
communication methods used by the chapter.  Facebook and Twitter are an
extension of these, not a replacement, so if you don't use these platforms
you are not going to miss out on important chapter news.

Any comments or suggestions for our Facebook and Twitter pages are most


Charles Gregory
Wikimedia Australia
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