Dear Australian Wikimedian and Cultural Partnerships teams,

I'm extremely pleased to announce that this week I started as
Wikipedian-in-Residence at the State Library of New South Wales
which is our oldest library and has a collection of global importance,
including significant rare books, manuscripts and objects. It is a place to
which almost every Australian scholar would pay homage. This is the first
time there has been a Wikipedian-in-Residence in an Australian cultural
institution and it has it has taken some time to work through the
administrative processes to establish the position. As some of you know,
Wikimedia Australia has been doing a lot of work with libraries locally.
Most recently we were the major sponsors at the annual librarians
conference and over the last couple of years we have been travelling to
regional areas to deliver training to the local librarians (in partnership
with several of the State Libraries). SLNSW also has a partnership with the
National Library in Canberra, which is digitising Australian newspapers and
linking the records back to the respective Wikipedia articles
Most significantly is that the SLNSW has been been building up a strong
relationship with us recently and myself and other local Wikimedians have
been delivered several training workshops to an in-house team of librarians
who are contributing references and content to Wikipedia as part of their
day-to-day work (project
You can see there that a lot of the content we've been targeting for the
team to write is the articles about the newspapers that have now been

My WiR position reports to the Leader of the library's Innovation Project
(Mylee Joseph, cc'd here), who is the instigator of that team. Since my
term as WiR is for one day a week over 14 weeks, and the scope of work is
excitingly ambitious, it is this team that will make it possible to achieve
what one part time Resident could not. They are a keen and capable group.
The Residency has been established to provide training, coaching, guidance,
specialist advice to staff, evaluation of related projects as well as
assistance with process mapping and benchmarking so that other Australian
libraries can benefit from SLNSW's experience. In terms of content, as well
as the newspapers, my Residency is likely to be involved in work on
articles on the The 100 Objects
indigenous and original materials, convict women, convict artists, the
crossing of the Blue
Australia's involvement in World War I.

I am glad this group has paved the way and am very excited about the
possibilities before us! I will post updates here and in the "This Month in
GLAM" report. I will also probably come here to ask questions and seek
feedback and help. I hope that the process mapping and benchmarking would
also be useful to similar projects elsewhere.
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