The paper goes into the methodology in some detail but it is the history of
"mutual reversions" (where two editors are involved, X reverts Y and Y
reverts X) that is used for precisely the reasons you mention.


"The sum is taken over mutual reverts rather than single reverts because
reverting is very much part of the normal workflow, especially for defending
articles from vandalism."






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There has been an Hungarian research project into identifying controversial
articles in Wikipedia, based on the history of reversions and edit wars.
They have a website:


with their datasets, programs, papers, etc. But the bit you are probably
most itching to see "the top 100 controversial articles in English" (ranked
from most controversial down) is:


with good ol' "George W. Bush" heading up the list. 


If you want to know more about the methodology or see the top 10 across 10
languages (article titles translating in English for your viewing pleasure
where a corresponding English article is available to provide a translated
title), you can access the PDF for the paper via:


There is also this nifty real-time visualisation you can view (and play
with) which enables you understand the relative controversial nature across
up to 4 languages. It seems "Jesus" and "Homeopathy" are the most
controversial across English, French, German and Spanish, while "George W
Bush" is as controversial for English-speakers as "Falkland Islands" is for
Spanish speakers and "Croatia" is for German speakers - the French meanwhile
are fighting over the untranslatable "Segolene Royal" (for which no
corresponding article exists on en.WP  -- can any French speaker assist with
the translation?).


which is mentioned in the paper above but does not appear to be linked from
the website.


There is a "Tour" link in the top left hand corner if you want to know how
to drive the visualisation. It looks like hours of fun!







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