Hello Everyone,

This is notice of an editathon at the State Library of New South Wales
which is offering breakfast, a curator-led tour of their AMAZE
Gallery,<http://www.sl.nsw.gov.au/events/exhibitions/amaze.html>and a
venue space to work on articles related to the Crossing of the Blue
Mountains and the 36 Blue Mountains related objects featured in AMAZE.

* A curator / content expert from the Library's staff will be available to
answer questions and identify references and resources.
* The copyright ok images have been uploaded to the Wikicommons in
anticipation of the event
* The gallery currently includes 36 Blue Mountains related objects from the
Library's collection
* The exhibition is supported by the content in the Curio app

This is a rare opportunity and the items in the Gallery are special. The
Blue Mountains material is only one part of  what is on display there.

Go to the event
is linked from the SLNSW's project page, to register your interest.

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