If you are not currently a member of Wikimedia Australia




we'd like to invite you to join us. Now, I am sure you all get plenty of
hyperbolic spam in your inboxes posted by marketing droids, so I won't add
to it. The low-key reasons we would like you to join are these:


*       you get a voice in what Wikimedia Australia does
*       you get to stand for election to the committee 
*       you get the opportunity to participate in activities around
Australia and sometimes overseas 
*       you get to spend more time with people who don't think you are weird
for editing Wikipedia at 3am in your pyjamas [delete this reason if you
don't edit at 3am in your pyjamas]
*       we need you to join because the larger and more active our
membership is, the more compelling case we can make to the Wikimedia
Foundation to fund our programs here in Australia
*       we need you to join because the more members we have, the compelling
case we can make when we lobby for more Australia organisations to set their
knowledge free
*       there are probably more good reasons, but I'm not a marketing droid
and didn't think of them


So, if you believe in the work of the Wikimedia Foundation and/or believe
that we need to do more to set knowledge free here in Australia, please join
us to work together towards these goals.


Membership is measly $20 a year for Australian residents ($10 a year
concession). $20 is less than 4 mugs of flat white in a Coffee Club in
Brisbane (probably less than 3 if you add in soy milk, triple shots, or


It's a painless process, just fill out this simple application form with
your contact details (please get the email address correct!):


ribute/transact&reset=1&id=5> &reset=1&id=5 [the form is much simpler than
this URL!]


You can read more about joining (although with all those good reasons above
I am sure you don't need any more convincing)




Hope to see your membership application in our inbox real soon now!


Kerry on behalf of the Wikimedia Australia committee

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