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As you may have noticed, we have two pages on our Wiki, one for upcoming


and one for past events:


If you are organising or involved with any events that are in some way
related to the work of WMAU, please add them to these pages so we all know
about them. As you can see, the format is a date, a sentence about the event
and a link (where available). 


Also can you update the past events too.  If you are wondering why I am
asking you to update *past* events, it's because we have to apply in October
for money from the WMF Funds Dissemination Committee and, if you have been
watching the fate of the applications of some other chapters, you will have
noticed that many applications are getting knocked back completely or
substantially reduced in funding with a comment along the lines of being
overly ambitious "you seem to be asking for a lot given how much you have
previously done". So it is important that we can point to a strong program
of activity by capturing everything that has been done under the banner of
WMAU (noting that this is a somewhat loose concept, but I would say any
group of any number of Australian Wikipedians doing something together is
probably worth an entry). For example, I am pretty sure that there was one
(or perhaps more) edit-a-thons in Freemantle as part of Freopedia which we
don't have on the list.


And "past events" can be loosely interpreted as "achievements" more
generally as not everything we do has an "event" character to it. For
example, I know that 99of9 has uploaded over 4K of public domain images from
the Qld State Archives in late March which some of us are now busy
categorising as we speak. That's an achievement worth recording I think.


So if you have organised a local meetup, gone out with another contributor
to take photos for Commons or had any other interesting activity or
achievement that are in some way linked to WMAU, please either edit it in to
the relevant page (above) or email me the details.  For practical purposes,
we are probably most interested in activities in the last 1 - 2 years as I
presume this is the period on which we will be judged on our past activities
in terms of further funding. 


In this modern time, it is not enough to be busy doing things, we must be
*seen* to be busy doing them.



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