You might have seen the banner across Wikipedia saying:


VisualEditor is now enabled for all logged-in users. Learn more, help
<>  out and give


If you bother to follow the link above, it says in about the 3rd paragraph:


That said, if you really can't stand the extra tab, you can completely hide
VisualEditor from your interface by enabling an experimental gadget: go to
your preferences
<> ,
scroll down to "Editing", tick the box labeled "Remove VisualEditor from the
user interface", then scroll to the bottom and click "Save". You can
reactivate it at any time by unticking the box.


Having read that, I thought I'd take the Visual Editor for a spin (you
enable it in Preferences > Editing). Having decided I didn't enjoy the
Visual Editor, I decided to turn it off again. Lo and behold, I found there
was no Remove VisualEditor option in my Preferences > Editing as promised.
It seems like it is a one-way trip. Perhaps unsurprisingly people are
complaining about this:


especially as it appears it was a deliberate decision to not let you turn it
off in your preferences.


However, it seems there is a way to turn it off. Go to


and disable it (first entry on the Editing section).


It has been suggested that this method may not work for everyone (not sure
why that is). However, it did work for me. The Visual Editor has


There is also Plan B. The Visual Editor will not run on Internet Explorer
and it reverts to the "old" editor if you are using IE. So if all else
fails, use Internet Explorer for your editing.









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