Yeah, I attended quite a few of them when I was working for the Foundation 
(even though they were normally at 2am, they made me feel more a part of the 
team :-) - they're quite informative and I would recommend anyone interested in 
the Foundation's activities to watch the below video. 

Steven Zhang
Committee Member, Wikimedia Australia

On 20 Jul 2013, at 9:22 am, Kerry Raymond <> wrote:

> The recent WMF Metrics meeting recorded a 1 hour video. The purpose of the 
> meeting was to ensure that WMF staff and volunteers are all on the “same 
> page” on the “state of the encyclopaedia” and the initiatives being taken to 
> address concerns such as edition attrition. Don’t be put off by the first few 
> minutes of “hello everybody” stuff as it then gets down into a series of 
> substantive presentations. I found it very interesting and thought others 
> might find it so too:
> Kerry

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