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This is only tangentially related to Australia, so if you prefer your
emails to be strictly on topic then please move on.

Since late July, Úsáideor:HusseyBot has been uploading recently free
articles from Fréamh an Eolais onto the Irish Wikipedia.  "Fréamh an
Eolais", which roughly translates as "root of knowledge" is an Irish
language scientific encyclopaedia composed by Matthew Hussey, a science
academic at the Institiúid Teicneolaíochta Bhaile Átha Cliath (Dublin
Institute of Technology).  The content in Fréamh an Eolais has recently
been licensed under as CC-BY-SA and also under the GFDL, thus making it
eligible for inclusion on Wikimedia projects.  It includes not just
information on scientific concepts themselves, but also biographies of
notable people in the world of science.


Unfortunately, a lot of these articles do not have images or categories
yet, and as Irish Wikipedia is still a small project it may take a long
time before these new articles are linked up with the wealth of other
information available in the Wikisphere.  However (and this is where you
come in), it's relatively easy by looking at the translations to determine
what each article is about, and from there to add images from Commons or
categories from other similar articles.

Even if you can only do a couple of articles, any help would be appreciated!

Craig Franklin
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