To kick off the research project with University of Queensland and the
Australian Paralympic Committee (APC), we are going to celebrate the
Wheelchair Rugby Tri-Nation competition being held in central Sydney (in St
Mary's Cathedral Square) on Wed 18 - Fri 20 September by following it up
with an edit-a-thon at the State Library of New South Wales on Saturday 21
September. For the full details see:


Tony Naar of APC has generously offered *free* tickets to the wheelchair
rugby games to edit-a-thon participants. Yippee, we love *free* stuff! Both
daytime and evening matches are available to fit around your other
commitments. See here for the dates/times:


Tony is hoping that attending these fast-paced action-packed competitions
between the world's top national teams (Australia, USA, and Canada) will
inspire you to write about Wheelchair Rugby (aka *Murderball!*) at the


but, of course, contributions on any aspect of disability sport or related
themes are welcome at the edit-a-thon. 


Hawkeye7 will be leading the WMAU side of the edit-a-thon; many of you will
be aware of his strong track record in this area. And we hope that we will
get a good turnout from our Sydneysiders and their relatives/friends/etc.
Remember non-editors can still help with research and normal writing
(mark-up can be added by others) so they are most welcome. And you can also
participate electronically too!


So, what to do now:


1. Go to

and sign up for the edit-a-thon (physically or electronically)


2. Check the competition dates/times


3. email Tony Naar (cc-ed) with your ticket


4. practice screaming yourself hoarse to cheer on the teams (we'd rather you
didn't scream at your fellow edit-a-thon-ers!)


Any questions? Ask me. I might not know the answer but I probably know who
to ask!




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