The State Library of Queensland (SLQ) Pitch In! project has three more
weeks to go.


New users and anons are still appearing whenever the SLQ promote the
project on social media.  e.g.

SLQ has added an oral history to be transcribed, and after a bit of
fiddling we have the transcription project ready.  It is a 1h20m
interview of Ian Charlton, a retired Queensland architect.  SLQ has a
large collection of similar interviews of significant architects, and
hope this pilot will clear the way for more similar uploads.


The Proofread Page software doesnt have any special support for ogg
files, however each page has a player preset to the desired starting
point for transcription.  The player should jump forward without
needing to download the 80meg audio file. e.g.


This transcription can then be 'incorporated' into the ogg file using
the new Timed Media Handler.  I've done a quick demo here:


This is new territory for Wikisource, and the Commons timedtext
feature is also fairly new to most of us.  It would be great if a few
members of this list can play around with this ogg project a little
and report problems. Next week newbies will be asked to contribute to
this transcription.
There is a centralised discussion at

John Vandenberg

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