Great concept.

I think this would a great little project, and worth the expense for the
WMAu chapter.

I helped run a small wikisource competition with Wikimedia Indonesia (esp.
Ivonne & Siska) to transcribe a 550 page dictionary, and found it to be
very successful, but does require quite a bit of time to run and help

Ill write up a proposal if another WMAu member is willing to second and
help organise the competition in Oz.

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Date: Oct 31, 2013 10:09 PM
Subject: [Wikisource-l] Wikisource 10th aniversary proposal : Proofreading
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Talking with some members of Amical Wikimedia about how to celebrate the
10th aniversary, one of the proposals was to organize a proofreading

Basically, we would select some books for the participants to proofread and
validate and they would gather points for each page without errors. The
person with the most points would win a Kindle donated by Amical Wikimedia.

However, we have been thinking that with the help of some members of the
Wikisource User Group and other Chapters, then we could escalate it to an
international proofreading contest, instead of being just regional. I guess
ideally we would need 3 kindles and at least a volunteer from each
community to organize it.

What do you think of the idea? Would you or any chapter that would like to
get involved?


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