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Hi folks,

Following on from the THATCamp in Sydney last week a Google group has been
set up by Yvonne Perkins so locals and visitors can join in on meetups.

"Hello and welcome to the Sydney Digital Humanities Meetup group. The
primary purpose of this group is to organise and announce regular Digital
Humanities meetups in the Sydney region. At these meetups we share the
projects we are working on, new things we have learned and tease out
problems we may be having in our research. This group is also a place to
announce other digital humanities events and news that are happening in
Sydney. If you don't live in Sydney you are welcome to come to our events
next time you visit.

Feel free to contribute an announcement or comment about Digital Humanities
to this group. Posts will be lightly moderated.

If you have not already done so we recommend that members of this group
also join the Australasian Association of Digital Humanities group - aaDH:
Digital Humanities. This group keeps members informed of all the goings on
in Digital Humanities in Australia and New Zealand."

Visit this group at http://groups.google.com/group/sydney-dh-meetup.

Next one is mooted late November early December at University of Sydney.

Good wishes, Ingrid

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