Hi All,

Now that the cat is out of the bag, I might as well confirm that I will NOT
be running for President this year.  Over the past three years, my employers
have been extremely generous in giving me time off at short notice to
attend to Wikimedia Australia related things - running workshops, attending
meetings, or even just an afternoon off here and there to catch up on
paperwork.  However, some changes and restructuring where I work means that
I won't have this sort of flexibility over the next six to twelve months.
 Being President is a time-consuming job and the chapter deserves to have
 someone doing it that can dedicate that time to it.  In the next year or
so, that won't be me, unfortunately.

I want to emphasise that this is not related to any internal drama or other
unpleasantness, and I intend to remain a member of the chapter and assist
the new committee as much as time permits over the coming year.  With a bit
less administrative stuff on my plate it's my hope that I can get back to
helping out with programmatic and on-wiki work to help the chapter meet its

I'm still considering whether to go for a position as an ordinary member to
provide something of an orderly handover to the new committee and continue
to provide them with some institutional memory.  This would probably be a
short term thing until the new committee members are moving under their own
steam at which point I'd gracefully bow out.  The number of other members
who put their hands up for that position will probably also have a bearing
on that decision!

Craig Franklin
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