Hi All,

Just a reminder that voting for the contested position of Wikimedia
Australia President closes tomorrow at 4pm Melbourne time.  If you are a
financial member, I strongly urge you to cast a ballot at the following URL:


Proxy forms and IRC nicknames are also due by 4pm tomorrow (Melbourne
time).  These should be sent to Graham Pearce (the Secretary) by this date.
 Proxy forms or IRC nicks received after this time will NOT be accepted, so
please don't leave it until the last minute.

There was no nomination made for the position of Treasurer for the coming
year, so in accordance with the Rules of the Association (23(3), to be
specific) I will call for nominations at the AGM.  If you are interested in
taking on this position (c'mon, it'll be fun!), but are unable to attend on
SIf there are two or more nominations we will vote by a "show of hands"
(the exact format of which will be determined in the unlikely event this

Should nobody nominate for the position of Treasurer, or one of those
currently running for Ordinary member is elected to the position causing a
vacancy for ordinary member and there is no nomination for that subsequent
vacancy, I will declare the position to be vacant and leave it to the next
committee to sort out per Rule 21(4).

If you have any further questions about the election process, please feel
free to direct them either to myself or Adam Jenkins, the returning officer
(at returningoffi...@wikimedia.org.au).  If you have any other questions
about the meeting, please contact either myself or the Secretary (Graham
Pearce) and we'll be happy to help.

Craig Franklin
President - Wikimedia Australia
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