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With the centenary of World War I getting closer, events leading up to it are 
starting occur. Last Saturday was the launch of the re-enactment of the 
Kangaroo March, though the march will not occur until 2015, which will follow 
the similar route as the original Kangaroos but there will be other 
re-enactment marches as well. Though there could be some changes to the 
marches, since General Peter Cosgrove AC MC (Ret'd) had suggested, in his 
speech, that all the marches change the dates they depart and arrive at Martin 
Place. I hope to get some video checked (for quality) and uploaded on to 

I think that if volunteers are close enough to the event and have the free time 
to document the lead-up events, will be valuable for the future and also when 
adding content about the events held for the centenary of World War I.

60 photographs of the event have been uploaded.

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