The service is pretty great: people can contribe to OSM with only a printer and digital camera. It's a matter of printing multipage maps of whatever area at whatever scale, then walking around and drawing on them by hand to add whatever features (roads, buildings, vegetation, etc.), then photographing each page and uploading the photos.

Then either the same contributors, or anyone else in the world, can go through and make the actual updates to the map.

This is one for Toodyay for example:
(Click the 'download PDF' to view the actual atlas).

I've done a fair bit of OSM work from these sorts of things, and they work really well. Nice and low-tech!

- Sam.

P.S. There's also OpenLinkMap that displays anything taggged with Wikipedia articles and a bunch of other stuff:
Sort of the reverse of that thing that displays all geocoded articles on a map (the name of which I can not now remember).

On 01/10/2014 07:47 AM, Janet Reid wrote:
I sent this to Kim Hawtin and he suggested tying this in with openstreetmap

On 10 January 2014 01:14, Gnangarra <
<>> wrote:

    Hi Everybody

    We've had some more success over in Western Australia with work
    commencing on our second WikiTown of Toodyay.

    New editors are currently working on article creation focusing
    initially on the heritage buildings on Stirling Terrace in Toodyay.
    Watch list
    as they have been taught to create the page link for new articles
    there, feel free to do some if you want.

    The big new is the Toodyay has two Museums one in the Old Newcastle
    Gaol <> and the other
    in Connor's Mill <>
    exhibits at both of these sites are about to be QR coded making
    these the first museums in Australia to full utilize QR codes
    linking to Wikipedia articles.

    If you'd like to create a WikiTown near you please email me I'm more
    than happy to help  more of these projects get off the ground.

    Vice President WMAU

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