Now that's a pretty damn cool release!
Just looking through the flickr stream I can see some pics that we will
have no use for (staff Halloween party, anyone?) but a *whole bunch* that
we can - individual airframes, maintenance work underway, plane interiors
(inc. the cockpit) and fittings, ground equipment, security/emergency
drills... Useful for much more than just articles specifically relating to
Jetstar itself.

I've often advocated to commercial organisations that since the *point* of
their taking marketing photos is to get people to use them, making them
available to us to potentially use is a big opportunity. While we don't use
them in an directly promotional way, surely having *your* product being
available to be used as the canonical visual representation of its category
on the relevant Wikipedia (in this case for example a Boeing plane painted
in your company colours) is a good business-case to make to their marketing
and legal teams! Congratulations on making this argument successfully
Peace, love & metadata

On 17 March 2014 13:38, Russavia <> wrote:

> Hey all,
> I have been quite active in recent months in getting photos on Flickr
> relicenced, and have been quite successful in this. Aside from individual
> photographers, some of the organisations which have relicenced their photos
> after my request include Maersk Line, Austrian Airlines, Bahrain
> International Airport, Brussels Airport, Ecuadorian Ministry of Foreign
> Affairs, Uri Tours (North Korean tour agency), amongst others. These photos
> are now on Wikimedia Commons.
> This morning, after months of "persistence" (using their words), Jetstar
> Airways, the Qantas low-cost subsidiary, kindly relicenced their photos on
> their Flickr stream at from
> CC-BY-NC-SA to CC-BY-SA, thereby allowing the usage of their photos on
> Wikimedia projects. The airline has also changed its default licence so
> that future Flickr uploads will be CC-BY-SA.
> I have taken the liberty of uploading their stream to Wikimedia Commons
> and their photos are now available at
> There will, of course, be a lot of categorisation work and cleanup to be
> done on these images, which I will be getting done.
> I wanted to take this opportunity to publicly thank Jetstar for
> relicencing their photos and in turn supporting the free culture movement.
> Cheers
> Scotty
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