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Sent: Monday, 14 April 2014 4:52 PM
To: Wikimedia Australia Chapter
Subject: [Wikimediaau-l] Australian Aid relicences under CC-BY


Hi all,


Following a request by myself, Australian Aid (under the Department of
Foreign Affairs and Trade) today relicenced their Flickr stream from (C) All
Rights Reserved to CC-BY.


Their stream can be found at


Their photos on Commons will be found at


These photos are not only useful for showing the work of Australian Aid,
especially in the Asia/Pacific region, but also for our bilateral
relationships with other nations
a), and those nations themselves.


If anyone would like to help to categorise these images, I have set up a
temporary holding category at
) -- if categorising be sure to add the relevant bilateral relations
category to the image (or create it if we don't already have) and remove the
temporary category from the image, whilst leaving in place (this
is my image upload tracking category).


I do ask that anything relating to aviation not have the temporary category
removed as I will have further categorisation relating to aviation to do on
those images.


I am indefinitely blocked on English Wikipedia, so I am not able to alert
relevant WikiProjects (of which there are a few) as to the existence of
these now freely licenced images, nor am I able to get images into use on
that project, so this is going to be left up to others; but I would gander a
guess that somewhere between 5-15% of images could be put into immediate use
on en.wp, with other images which could be used to support creation of new
content on that project possibly being in the 5-10% range.











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