ImpactStory looks very interesting, especially as it is open source
and owned by a non-profit (but I havent seen whether there charter
ensures it will never effectively become a for-proft).

They already have a Wikipedia data provider, to determine how many
times a DOI is used on Wikipedia as a way of determining impact of a
piece of research.

I am guessing they would be interested in code that allows them to
determine how many visitors the Wikipedia page has, which speaks to
the impact of the DOI being on that Wikipedia page.

That would be a simple enough piece of code to write and has a very
high chance of being incorporated into their system.


As for measuring impact of Wikimedia contributions .. I think the
hardest part is determining which Wikimedia pages should be allocated
to which people, so spelling fix are filtered out (easy) and reverts
are also detected and eliminated (harder).


You do want impact of
appearing in your profile.  James Neill may also want it appearing in
his impact, but the single edit by User:Rnfitzgerald (Robert
Fitzgerald?) should not mean they can add it to their profile (IMO).

Once the 'who can claim which pages' problem is solved, adding basic
impact data is easy using the data already published and available via
suitable apis

The simplest approach to the 'who can claim which pages' problem is
the person must add each page individually if they feel it is
appropriate to claim credit for it.  Then add a cross link to
introduce peer-pressure to prevent fraudulent claims; i.e. "three
other people also claim this page as their own work" or something

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> Have done.
> A very important step forward to connect these organisations.
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>> I'm casually lobbying a webservice for researcher impact factor to add
>> functionality around Wikimedia Contributions and other alternative venues.
>> Perhaps you could help vote the suggestion up?

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