This is an excellent tool to look at coverage of topics in a country!
(and/or see where items have not yet been tagged in Wikidata)

e.g. protected areas



(obviously a lot of missing data in wikidata for islands of Australia,
Indonesia and elsewhere)

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From: Tim Alder <>
Date: Sat, May 10, 2014 at 3:19 PM
Subject: [Wikidata-l] WP-geocoordinates filter by using Wikidata classes

I'm glad to can announce my last experiment working with Wikidata and

This list shows how many objects we have in different classes and
provide links to maps with only this specific class.

I think it's much more useful than in the past where 80% of our
coordinates were simply a "landmark". Now we have maps full with roller
coaster or with museums.

To create this tool I used properties "is instance of"[1] and "is
subclass of"[2]. To extract this properties it was necessary to use
"Wikidata Query".

Now all classes, where an object is a member, are in a numerical
array-element in the database. So with an index on this array it should
have a good performances.

Next steps are to try to bring more order inside this list and support
the community to create more "is instance of"-entries in Wikidata. (Only
30% off all objects have such an entry).

Greetings from Switzerland


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