If you are looking for a complete list on newspapers on Trove, it's here:




The list of newspapers which are next to appear are listed here:




For anyone unfamiliar with this program, it is about digitising all the
Australian newspapers which are out-of-copyright (meaning before 1955) and
all of those in copyright where the copyright holder gives consent (the
Canberra Times and the Australians Womens Weekly being two that deserve
special mention for their co-operation to digitise post-1955). This is IMHO
the best open knowledge project we have in this country. It is available
online, free, and draws on the Power of the Crowd to do OCR correction,
tagging, etc to increase searchability so we can all contribute to making it
better. They also provide a Wikipedia-formatted citation for every newspaper
article, which makes life easy for the Wikipedia editor (yeah!).






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for those interested in working on WA articles more newspapers coming on
line via Trove



Hi, THS Committee and email members and frriends


Thought you might like to know that articles from the weekly Toodyay Herald
(years 1912-1954) will appear on Trove soon. Faded out links are starting to
appear in searches but we can't open them up until they lose their "Coming


Ditto the first Avon regional newspaper the Eastern Districts Chronicle
(York, 1877-1927), but no Northam Advertiser yet. See link here:







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