Good luck Liam!

All the best on your latest adventure.


On 11/06/2014 1:31 PM, Liam Wyatt wrote:
Dear Australian and GLAM Wikimedians,

It is with excitement and slight nervousness that I write to say that tomorrow my wife and I are moving to Bologna, Italy. She received a post-doctoral fellowship from the National Research Institute there. I resigned from the National Library of Australia last week, and will be taking up the role of part-time GLAMWIKI coordinator for Europeana - with particular focus on supporting the development, integration and usage of the GLAMWIKIToolset.

So farewell WM-Au and good luck. I'll still be around the Wikiverse, of course, but no longer from Australia. And hello Europe and WM-IT in particular! You'll be hearing from me again soon - and I'll see many of you at Wikimania London.


-Liam / Wittylama

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