Seeing this post on Wikimedia-l about broken links reminded me of something
I was wondering about a while ago...
As many of you know, one of the projects at the National Library [where I
no longer work, just to make that clear] is called "Pandora". It's the
Australian web archiving service and  Unlike the
Internet Archive it only collects things related to Australia and does so
on a case-by-case permission basis (due to Australian copyright law which
doesn't extend legal-deposit legislation to digital works [yet].

It is actually arguably the oldest web archive in the world, with the
earliest record coming from May 1995!!

I was wondering... Would it be difficult for someone to create a bot that
checked the Pandora archive for urls that appear in Wikipedia foontotes -
and then add the the relevant parameters and info to the template?

|archive-url=  |archive-date=  |

Peace, love & metadata

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From: Jonatan Svensson Glad <>
Date: 30 June 2015 at 06:36
Subject: [Wikimedia-l] died in 2012
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The website findarticles died in 2012 causing over 20 000 articles to have
dead links on them. A few of them was backed up on Wayback, but their
robot.txt changed so all those archives were deleted as well. So either
articles have a dead link showing as 200 (which does) or they
are claiming to be archived while they are not.
Read more in my blog post about this:
Can we use a bot to remove all instances of this link, or should we go
through them all manually? Can we use bots such as CItation bot (which is
currently blocked) to find doi's and other links to replace these links
with? Ideas people! Barely any of these links are tagged as dead, and can't
by Checklinks (unless done manually) since they show as 200.
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