Yesterday, Magnus added the Design & Art Australia Online database
(formerly the Dictionary of Australian Artists Online) was added to
his 'mix-n-match' tool for Wikidata:

Like it says on the tin, this is a database of Australian artists compiled
from a whole range of unis associated with the project (it's an ARC-funded
project based at UNSW). As such, it's a very useful authority control
system for Wikidata. Click the link above and go to 'auto' or perhaps 'game
mode' to start connecting DAAO records to Wikidata items :-)

Other Australian artist authority control systems already in Mix'n'Match

National Gallery of Victoria artist ID:

Australian Dictionary of Biography:

There's LOTS of other Authority Control systems in Mix'n'Match if
Australian artists aren't your cup of tea: https://tools.wmflabs

Meawhile, if you'd like to know more about the Wikidata 'sum of all
paintings' project, here's the homepage:

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