Wikimedia Australia is happy to announce that the plans for the WikiData
Down Under Tour are sufficiently finalise to allow everone to make their
plans for Febraury. The keynote speaker is Andy Mabbett also known as
User:Pigsonthewing Andy has considerable experience in working with
WikiData and sharing data across projects he'll endeavour to share as much
of the experience as possible over the tour.

Full details are at: https://wikimedia.org.au/wiki/Wikidata_Tour_Down_Under

Below is an idea of when and where he'll along with where there will
opportunities to meet, learn and chat with Andy

   - Melbourne
   - 7-11 meetup on the 10th, workhsop on the 11th

   - Sydney
   - 12-13 meetup on the 13

   - Canberra
   - 14-17

   - travelling to perth on 18th
   - Perth
      - 19 - 25 public conference 19th, workshop 20th
   - travel to Indonesia 25th

For people in Brisbane

   - Kerry will be attending the Sydney events and organising a session on
   what shes learnt later on
   - we are also talking with WM Indonesia they are planning a similar
   event in april.may we'll bring their speaker across to Brisbane for a
   couple of days.

For members else where the Chapter has the ability to help one or two of
you get to an event please send a request through with the event you'd like
to attend and why with as much detail as possible we'll assess each request
individually you'll be required to report back to members on attending


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