I'm in two views on the subject,

I'm against it for larger organisations that have more funding (state
libraries etc), but in the days of dwindling budgets outsourcing is always
seen as a cheaper and more effective option.

Where as for smaller organisations (such as regional museums, collections,
libraries etc) could certainly be of benefit, due to lack of funding
resources in common cases and space to make the records available easily.

I know for example that a lot of Scout branches have volunteer heritage
teams that look after their collections, Queensland's primary collection is
in a building that appears roughly the same size as many of the larger news
agency outlets where outside support to catalog and make available their
records, photos etc would be most welcome.

There is also unfortunately the view about once something is in a museum
etc, that it will always be protected and available, but could easily be
damaged by nature (wind, fire, water/rain etc) weather accidentally or on
purpose and some of these pieces will never be able to be replaced.
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