If you haven't heard, 1Lib1Ref is running again in Jan-Feb 2018. This is the
campaign that ask every librarian to add one citation to Wikipedia to
improve its quality.




State Library of Queensland decided that 1 was not enough so last year they
collectively added over 1000 citations , a quarter of the worldwide total.
And they are getting into gear to give it a great effort in 2018!


If you are not watching the upcoming events on Wikimedia Australia home page
.. (you should be!) ..




you will see the library has already scheduled 2 edit training sessions in
December and January for new or out-of-practice folk to learn the Visual
Editor plus a mighty 8 edit-a-thon style sessions (would have been 9 but Fri
26 Jan is a public holiday) as their experience is that it is more fun to do
it as a group and make it a bit of a party!


There may be more sessions scheduled as they are asking public libraries if
they want to join in, run their own or whatever. If anyone is in or around
Brisbane and would like to help support these events, I would love to have
you on board as we have a lot of sessions. There are 3 main things I do to
support these events:


1.       Edit training

2.       Hands-on support at the edit-a-thon sessions

3.       (and this is the hardest!) finding hundreds of articles about
Queensland that need citations (being the State Library of Queensland their
interest tends to lie in Queensland)


If you are elsewhere in Australia or further afield, have you thought of
talking to your local library about participating in 1Lib1Ref? Happy to
share any materials I have. And of course there's no requirement to attack
it on the scale of SLQ. 








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