The 1lib1ref campaign will be running over the next three weeks, asking
librarians to add citations to Wikipedia.


So expect to see a lot of new/newish/occasional users active. In theory,
they will be using the #1lib1ref hashtag in their edit summaries, but my
past experience of supporting this event is that many of them forget, but
their edits will generally be characterised by a high level of edits with


State Library of Queensland had a magnificent effort last year with 1028 (as
best as we can measure) which was about one quarter of the world's total.
They are planning another big effort again this year. SLQ librarians will
probably be mostly editing Queensland content, expect to see a lot of
activity around citations for schools, public libraries, war memorials,
newspapers. Generally they will not be creating new articles (that's not the
goal of 1lib1ref) but some may do so on the side - you know how it is, see a
redlink and be unable to resist starting the article.


Please remember that, although they are paid editors, WP:CURATOR says it is
not a conflict of interest for them to write in relation to their
collections. In this regard, I must stress that State Library of Queensland
collects the data on public libraries so their edits about public libraries
are not about their own institution but form part of their collection (so no
COI there). Ditto newspapers. FWIW, I've never seen a bad faith edit from a
librarian, they do take it all very seriously (information is their core
business after all), but like many new users, they can be clumsy or not
understand our myriad of policies.


So if you think you spot any librarians in action over the next few weeks,
please welcome them on their User Talk or thank them for their edits or
*gently* educate/assist them if there is a problem. In general, please be









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