There's quite a long list of improvements that could be made to the
Wikipedia footnote format that Trove produces automatically. Many of them
are already logged in their internal code-review system at the National
Library but, due to internal prioritisation of the bug/feature queue this
doesn't get very high on the list unfortunately. Originally that system was
also only enabled on the digitised newspapers but, eventually propagated
out to other areas of the service too where it's less applicable.

On 19 January 2018 at 23:50, Peter Jeremy <> wrote:

> I've been looking at fixing up some citations I wrote many years ago since
> I've found that the text of the book I referenced is now available online
> as
> well as having a Trove reference.  Trove provides a Wikipedia citation of
> the form:
> {{Citation | author1=Aird, W. V | author2=Aird, W V | author3=New South
> Wales. Metropolitan Water, Sewerage and Drainage Board | title=The water
> supply, sewerage, and drainage of Sydney | publication-date=1961 |
> publisher=[Metropolitan Water Sewerage and Drainage Board] | url=
> | accessdate=20 January 2018 }}
> IMHO, the "url="; is inappropriate
> since says that url= is
> "URL of an online location where the text of the publication can be found"
> whereas the Trove link is a catalogue record.  I think a better Trove link
> would be something like id={{Trove|21676846}} but I am unable to find any
> suitable template.  (
> /Template:Trove_newspaper
> is specifically for newspapers).
> Would it be reasonable to create a Template:Trove that accepted a Trove
> identifier and created a work identifier?  (If that was done, ideally the
> Trave citation format would change to suit but that's a separate issue).
> (And, in this particular case, the actual text is online at
> ttps://
> cuments/document/zgrf/mdq0/~edisp/dd_044331.pdf
> so I'd like to be have a that link and a trove reference).
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> Peter Jeremy
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