Acabo de perguntar ao ChapCom se é necessária a tradução juramentada do Estatuto para apreciação deles. Também pedi a ajuda de um mentor, o que é usual neste processo de criação de capítulos e parece-me que ainda não foi apontado um para a gente. É para tirar eventuais dúvidas naquelas perguntas que ainda não foram respondidas e na reformulação da página no Meta (já temos que começar a pensar isso).

Tentei mandar com cópia, mas não é possível, então estou encaminhando. Assim que tiver retorno eu posto aqui.


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Subject:        Wikimedia Brasil
Date:   Sat, 12 Nov 2011 03:29:52 -0200
From:   Castelo Branco <>

Dear ChapCom members,

Moving forward, we would like to submit an English version of our bylaws for your approval, as recommended in the Step 5 of the Chapter Creation Guide[1], which also says that /"The Chapters committee might ask for a lawyer approved translation of the bylaws, in which case it will provide the necessary budget to translate the bylaws."/

In Brazil, a lawyer approved translation would cost around USD 500 for this lenght (~17k words). We would like to know if we should hire this service or provide the translation by ourselves. In the first case, how should we apply for the necessary budget?

We also have some other informations to provide, and it would be great to have a mentor in this process, as sometimes it can be helpful to know how much are you aware of our context (and how much is necessary to describe) in some particular issues.

Thanks in advance,

Castelo Branco
Wikimedia Brasil


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Date: 2011/10/2
Subject: Wikimedia Brazil
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/Hello people from ChapCom,

As you surely know, in the past, the Brazilian community started a process for establishing a local organization to promote the WMF projects within the country. Early in September 2008, we submitted to the ChapCom a proposal for creating the chapter Wikimedia Brasil, which was approved. Nevertheless, in the same year, the volunteers have chosen not to establish a formal chapter in that time. The reasons were pointed out in the Chapter Report 2008, but this discussion never ended.

In 2011, the whole Brazilian community has finally reached an agreement, in order to create a minimum legal structure to support and expand our activities across the country. Those activities will keep being freely created and driven by volunteers, but with legal, institutional and financial support by WMBR Board. With such model in mind, we have re-written our bylaws, which is now being reviewed by lawyers. The next step will be submitting it to the ChapCom and asking for the new recognizement as a chapter. All our steps are being widely announced, either in our mailing-list as in social networks and also discussed in our wiki and in many IRC-meetings.

Therefore, we would like to re-start this process. /
/Béria Lima/
Wikimedia Brazil volunteer
(351) 925 171 484

/Imagine um mundo onde é dada a qualquer pessoa a possibilidade de ter livre acesso ao somatório de todo o conhecimento humano. É isso o que estamos a fazer <>./

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