Following in the footsteps of several Wikipedians in Residence working
in GLAM-Wiki frameworks, this project run by Daniel Mietchen and
hosted by the German chapter of the Open Knowledge Foundation is
concerned with

* improving the coverage of topics related to Open science (and Open
Access in particular) on Wikimedia projects
* facilitating their reuse of suitably licensed scholarly materials -
an ongoing media donation project
* development of policies regarding open access and open data
pertaining to research about Wikimedia projects

Projeto interessantíssimo apontado por um voluntário da Wikimedia
Brasil. Interessados em ciência aberta e acesso aberto poderiam formar
um grupo de trabalho aqui

(Ainda estou para falar com meus amigos físicos do Ars Physica sobre
como podemos ampliar esse grupo de trabalho :)



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