oi brasileiros :)

It looks like things with the GP are off to a good start! Parabens!

Barry suggested and I think it is a good idea - would someone be willing to
write a guest blog (in both Portuguese and English) for the Wikimedia
Foundation blog?[1]

It could just (1) announce the competition, (2) highlight the reasons for
having it (to improve the quality of essential articles in portuguese), and
(3) explain how it works.

It could be good publicity for the competition! Maybe we could get the
number of contributors well-above the 50 person mark!...It could also be a
good practice for the blog work that you all have been discussing lately :)

If people are interested, I suggest writing it somewhere on
http://br.wikimedia.org/ and when you are done, I can transfer it over to
our Wordpress account. What do you think?

hugs :)

[1] http://blog.wikimedia.org/

*Jessie Wild
Global Development, Manager
Wikimedia Foundation
WikimediaBR-l mailing list

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