A quem interessar e tiver acesso :-(.   Um paper crítico sobre as
propostas de Benkler e Jenkins.

The limits of peer production: Some reminders from Max Weber for the
network society
In the last few years, a powerful consensus has emerged among scholars
of digitally enabled peer production. In this view, digital
technologies and social production processes are driving a dramatic
democratization of culture and society. Moreover, leading scholars now
suggest that these new, hyper-mediated modes of living and working are
specifically challenging the hierarchical structures and concentrated
power of bureaucracies. This paper first maps the assumptions
underlying the new consensus on peer production so as to reveal the
sources of its coherence. It then revisits Max Weber’s account of
bureaucracy. With Weber in mind, the paper aims to expose analytical
weaknesses in the consensus view and offer a new perspective from
which to study contemporary digital media.


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