Well, I've read this comment when Jessie has posted here. Since in my
opinion this comment could be of an 9 years old child - besides the
lack of creativity a child usualy has and also with less anger -, and
it is only destructive criticism, I simply ignored him. Child are
usually interesting to analyse - their questions tend to be really

To destroy is always easier than to create.

Em 11 de janeiro de 2012 23:52, Otavio Louvem
<otavio1981.w...@gmail.com> escreveu:
> I have never heard about him so it`s impossible to say what made him so
> angry. Althought some of his points may be true it`s, I gave him a general
> answer what i think it`s important to other readers: complaning it`s very
> easy, it`s time to join the community and help to change it from inside.
> It`s like "deep impact" movie says: a bomb in a surface of an asteroid don`t
> do a scratch but inside of it, can destroy it (I don`t want to destroy
> wikipedia but i think you understand my point).

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