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On 12 January 2012 17:52, James Forrester <> wrote:

Dear all,
>As promised, for Wikimania 2013[0] I hereby announce the Jury[1] to
>select the winning bid, and invite everyone to consider putting a
>bid[2] together:
>== Jury ==
>* [[User:80686|Manuel Schneider]]
>* [[User:Beria|Béria Lima]]
>* [[User:Deror avi|Deror Avi]]
>* [[User:Effeietsanders|Lodewijk Gelauff]]
>* [[User:Ilario|Ilario Salvatore Valdelli]]
>* [[User:Kiril Simeonovski|Kiril Simeonovski]]
>* [[User:Peteforsyth|Pete Forsyth]]
>* [[User:Philippe|Philippe Beaudette]]
>* [[User:Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington|Anirudh Bhati]]
>* [[User:Theo10011|Theo10011]]
>* [[User:Thogo|Thomas Goldammer]]
>There are a further two individuals who I have asked to confirm that
>they are happy to serve on the Jury, and who I will add on-wiki if and
>when they confirm.
>As in previous Juries, any Wikimania Foundation Board members may act
>as (non-voting) advisors to the Jury if they so choose. I know that
>Bishakha Datta and Phoebe Ayers have agreed to take on this role, and
>other Board members may join if they wish.
>I will serve as a moderator (a neutral non-voting aide to the Jury),
>along with another individual who will hopefully confirm that this is
>OK with them later today.
>Thank you for everyone who contacted me to nominate themselves,
>others, or give suggestions; the suggestions were very helpful, and I
>hope the resulting Jury will be a success.
>== Invitation to bid ==
>To re-iterate my comment in November, I'm sure the whole Wikimedia
>community would love to see as many good bids as possible. There are
>already a few bids[2] on Meta, but if you or your local community are
>thinking about putting one in, you need to get it started and in a
>reasonable state by the end of 28 January 2012 at the very latest[3].
>Please also consider passing this message on (and translating it!) for
>your wiki's community forum for those that don't read these mailing
>Thank you, and good luck to all Bids.
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>[1] -
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>[3] -
>James D. Forrester
> |
>[[Wikipedia:User:Jdforrester|James F.]]
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