Em 13 de janeiro de 2012 15:30, Jessie Wild <jw...@wikimedia.org> escreveu:
> Boa dia - is there a page where the planning for campus party has begun? I
> only see http://br.wikimedia.org/wiki/Campus_Party/2012, which does not have
> much information. We should start the planning process, if we truly want
> this to be the best party! :D

*Bom* dia, miss Angel. I'll try to concentrate on the Mutirão for
editing Wikipedia and will think something during this weekend. I need
to find a projector and a loud speaker (for the moments Mateus won't
be near us).

Mateus, coloque o link da discussão dos cartazes. Temos que começar a
concluir isso semana que vem para imprimirmos na semana do dia 23.

Vou por o Jonas em contato com o pessoal da USP nesse fim de semana.

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